How To Maintain Sperm Health

So today I want to tell you about how your lifestyle can affect your sperm health. This is an important topic.

I talk a lot about how  50% of the equation is going to be with the woman, 50% with the man . Both in the importance of preparing for fertility as well as overcoming fertility issues. So it’s going to be something that both partners need to look at and work on. And so today is more of a what do you do, if you need to improve sperm health and sperm count or if you want to prepare for conception.

Did You Know?
You don’t have to have an issue or low sperm count to do something healthy to prepare for conception.

So a lot of the work we do with natural health and fertility is based around (especially for men) the fact that sperm production is about a 2,5-3 months cycle. So what you’re doing today and what you are doing and eating and exposing yourself to good and bad today, will affect the sperm that you’re using in about  90 days. We will say 90 days to keep it simple, but I think it is about  72 days. But anyway, so what you’re doing today affects that sperm.

So if you’re getting an IVF, if you’re preparing to conceive, and you’ve been trying for a while, if you’re doing an IUI, if you got your sperm count happens to be low, or if you  just know “we’re going to start trying to conceive this year”, this is going to be very helpful for you. Because it’s important. You want to make sure that the health of the sperm is as best as it can be because that is the DNA and the material that you’ll be using to make your child. So this is one of the best things you can do to ensure a healthy future for them, so they have a healthy mind, healthy nervous, system everything. It does make a huge impact.

So the great thing about natural health and sperm health is you can have a huge impact on all the factors that affect fertility. Too there’s motility, mobility, morphology. You can change those things through diet, through herbs, through circulation, and then also avoiding things such as pesticides, plastics, stress, laptops on the laps. You can have a huge impact. And it’s also straightforward to measure, you go and get tests done.

If you want to improve your sperm health and, in particular, to increase sperm count naturally, then I would recommend you to start taking special supplements for semen enhancement that are made only from natural herbs and vitamins. You should take them every day for at least three months to see the results. The most popular pills are Semenax, Volume Pills, Spermomax, and Vimax Volume. You can choose any one of them. Just read the reviews first.

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