Best Penis Straightening Devices. Curved Penis Extension [GUIDE]

The Best Penis Straighteners [TOP7] of 2020

All potential users of extending systems should get acquainted with the list of the most popular models that have helped millions of men around the globe to cope with and overcome the common intimate issues and disorders:

#1. Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Device is the best penis extender and can be categorized as a budget-friendly product offered in a variety of configurations.

The standard kit includes several additional rods, while the peyronies package contains an entire set of additional elements, along with a biological supplement, a vacuum pump, and a special box for storing the device.

The product’s ergonomic design ensures that it is virtually unnoticeable under the clothes. Five months is enough to obtain tangible results from its use. This is a great option for those who want great quality at a reasonable price. Order Quick Extender Pro on the official site.

#2. SizeGenetics for Peyronies Device is an ergonomic penis extender that comes in a variety of configurations. The client chooses a suitable kit based on his budget and individual needs.

This compact device is made of high-quality materials of medical origin that are incapable of harming men’s health. Extensive clinical studies have confirmed the superb quality of the penis straightening device.

SizeGenetics for Peyronies Package has been available for more than 10 years on the market and it’s the best-selling penis enlargement device you can find. Do you need more facts about penile traction?

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#3. X4 Labs is an affordable dick straightening device for those who are on a budget. The X4 Labs extenders have established a solid presence in the world market in the last 15 years.

The penis straightener has repeatedly undergone clinical and laboratory tests, and its effectiveness and safety have been confirmed many times.

X4 Labs owns a laboratory, where the physicians improve its quality and technology. Highly recommended –

#4. Male Edge Cock Straightener is characterized by an unencumbered design, compact parameters, and great ergonomics. The device comes in a soft case, which ensures its integrity during shipping.

The Male Edge Peyronies device delivers tangible results in terms of the penis straightening, and the positive changes last for a long period.

There are versions of the Male Edge products that differ in design and package contents. Click here to choose the most appropriate package.

#5. PeniMaster Pro is distinguished from the above models by its design features and principle of operation.

The PeniMaster Pro straightener is an extender with a special vacuum tip. Such a combination provides for twice as much stimulation of blood circulation.

Thus, you might be able to attain the desired positive results twice as fast. Thanks to the product’s compact size, you can wear it during the day without compromising your appearance.

Visit the PeniMaster Pro medical website, where you can order the product directly.

#6. Jes Extender is a line-up of popular penis traction devices that have been in great demand for years to straighten dick. Their distinctive feature is that the stretching rods are made from durable, high-quality material and coated with precious metals (gold, platinum, etc.).

The series includes more than 5 models that differ in configuration and precious metal coating.

Every client will find a model that suits his needs and caters to his sense of aesthetics. You should visit to learn more about the product.

#7. ProExtender is one of the best penis straightening devices that consists of the minimum number of parts. You have to wear the extender for just a few hours a day.

This will deliver an amazing result: not only a noticeable penis enlargement but also an improvement of all sexual functions of the male body and fixing penis curvature.

Click here to visit the official ProExtender website to learn more about the device and its benefits. You’ll also be able to order the extender.

How do the Dick Straighteners Work?

A great many modern men are affected by a plethora of sexual issues. As a rule, these comprise disorders of sexual functioning, as well as an issue of penis size.

These kinds of problems can cause both functional and psycho-emotional disorders, resulting in depressive and stressful conditions.

The modern world can offer numerous ways and methods of inciting straightening the dick that lead to a tangible growth of the male organ.

You’re probably seeking the safest and most effective techniques of attaining this result. One of the solutions you’re looking for is the penis traction method.

“Penis traction” implies the use of a special kind of device designed for extending the penis. The technique yields a result using creating a tension force with the help of metal rods.

This force leads to stretching of the cavernous penile tissues and enhancement of the venous blood flow in the organ.

After a few months of using a Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Edition device, for example, the user’s penis acquires an additional 15-25% of length and volume.

The results last for 6-24 months, depending on the specific physiology of the user’s body. Click here to order Quick Extender Pro.

On top of stimulating penile straightening, the penis traction technique helps to straighten the curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease), both congenital and acquired. Quick Extender Pro offers the most advanced and effective penis straightener.

Another advantage of penis traction is that it relieves the user from the distressing symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Ultimately, the man enjoys stronger and more powerful erections and can forget about the issue of premature ejaculation.

The orgasm intensity acquires new, more vibrant, and richer facets, which enhances all aspects of the man’s sexual life. He regains confidence in himself and his sexual capabilities.

Real Penis Extension Results

Here’s a list outlining the reasons that stir modern men in all corners of the world towards purchasing a Quick Extender Pro straightening device to resolve their sexual issues:

  • The Quick Extender Pro‘s impact on the body is safe. Every respected manufacturer of such devices subjects their products to extensive safety and effectiveness testing, in both clinical and laboratory conditions. Look for Quick Extender Pro quality and safety certificates on the manufacturer’s official website;
  • The user is guaranteed a result: an enlargement and curvature correction, as well as improved sexual capabilities. The manufacturer is ready to give you a refund if you fail to obtain the promised positive results.
  • The comfort of use is indisputable. Most modern extending device models are compact and cause no discomfort or constraints during use. Being convenient and practically unnoticeable under the clothes, they allow the man to use the device in the office, on the road, or while at leisure.
  • Quick Extender Pro device is widely applied in the medical field. The practitioners’ recommendations are yet another confirmation of the high effectiveness and safety of the technique.
  • The results obtained will last for a long period, ranging from half a year to two years.
  • While wearing the Quick Extender Pro, the man feels no painful and unpleasant sensations. Regular use provides for non-stop stimulation of penile growth.
  • Affordable price. The Quick Extender Pro prices ($119-$349.93) for penis extending systems are well within reason, which makes the penis traction technique affordable to men across the world. The price range is broad and covers several different categories of products: budget-friendly, standard, premium, etc. How much you pay depends on the manufacturer, the specific model, and its configuration.

This question is of interest to every customer who places his order for a Quick Extender Pro. Only the manufacturer of this straightening device can give you a concrete answer, as every model has a distinctive way of dealing with the issue.

Another important factor directly affecting the results is the man’s physiological characteristics. Lastly, a crucial factor is the length of daily wear, as well as the correct attachment of the Quick Extender Pro device.

On average, the user needs to wear the extender regularly for 2-3 months to obtain the first visible results, but the Quick Extender Pro works faster (30-40 days) than other devices. Don’t stop at what you’ve achieved at this point, though.

The ultimate positive effect, lasting 24-36 months, can be attained only using a full-length course of treatment, as recommended by the Quick Extender Pro manufacturer. As a rule, the course duration is 6-10 months.

Do Cock Straighteners Work?

Before purchasing a Quick Extender Pro, check the presence of quality certificates, as they are a direct confirmation of the product’s reliability, effectiveness, and safety.

You can familiarize yourself with such documents on the manufacturer’s official web-portal. You have to answer your question: “Does it work?”.

The materials the Quick Extender Pro device is made from are safe; this factor is of no small importance. Opt for extenders manufactured from high-quality, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and hygienic materials.

Clinical facts
The plastic and latex must be of medical origin. Substandard materials can cause allergies, irritations, and other adverse skin reactions.

Along with durability and reliability, compact size is another factor in choosing the best extender(e.g. Quick Extender Pro), as it ensures a great level of comfort during daily wear.

The wearer gets used to the presence of the ergonomic extender after just 7-14 days. Also, a small device is invisible under clothing, which allows you to wear it both at home and at work, or while running errands.

Before making your final choice, make sure the straightening device and its fastening elements are durable and reliable.

This directly affects the product’s wear-resistance and service life. Take into account the guarantees provided by the seller. Quick Extender Pro offers a six-month money-back guarantee, which is the longest on the market.

If there’s a warranty period, you’ll be able to receive a refund upon discovering factory defects or in case of shipping damage.

Also, many manufacturers give refunds to clients who fail to experience the promised positive results.

Optional Accessories to Fix a Bent Penis

Additionally, an extending device can be complemented with various accessories, such as fixing straps, metal rods, and also various supporting units.

In a premium kit, you’ll find biological supplements that encourage penile growth, which allows you to achieve the desired result much faster.

If you’ve opted for a basic package, you can always purchase additional accessories and spare parts separately.

How To Use Cock Straightener?

Place the penis inside the extension ring, which is at the base of the device. Next, attach the unit to the penis with the special straps.

The number of these straps depends on the specific model. The head of the penis should go inside the other ring or a similar supporting mechanism.

Adjust the length of the extension rods following the current length of your penis. You have to wear the device for 6-8 hours a day. All manufacturers strictly forbid using their devices at night.

The thing is that when you’re asleep, your body is way less sensitive, and wearing the extender can result in skin injuries. You should only use the extension system during the day – when you’re awake.

Possible Side Effects And How To Avoid Them

Most potential users are concerned with whether modern extenders can cause major adverse side effects.

Of course, if you have contraindications to the penis traction method, you may experience several negative consequences, such as sprains, hematomas, and bruises.

Keep in mind that you’re not supposed to feel pain and discomfort while wearing the device. If you feel that something is off, immediately remove the extender and check whether it was attached correctly.

Before starting to wear the penis extension unit, you should read through the detailed instructions, where you’ll find a lot of useful information.

In addition to paper booklets, manufacturers often complement their products with video instructions containing a detailed review of the device and explanations regarding the correct way to attach and wear it.

How to fix penis curvature?

Initially, the extending device was designed as a means of treating Peyronie’s disease. The metal rods provide for a strong tension, which gradually corrects penile curvature.

An accumulation of plaques is the most common cause of the curvature of the penis. The extender slowly yet surely disperses the plaques, thereby straightening the curvature.

Penile curvature is a fairly common phenomenon that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Typically, Peyronie’s disease is congenital.

If a hormonal disruption occurs during fetal development in the womb, it may lead to a curvature of the penis.

Peyronie’s disease can also develop during puberty. The curvature can be of an acquired nature, resulting from various injuries to the groin area or through taking certain medications.

A curvature of the penis is not only about an aesthetic change in the appearance of the genital organ. It’s a disorder that causes a decrease in the penis size, impairing the male sexual function, and leading to psycho-emotional issues.

At the initial stage of the disease, the man may experience discomfort and pain during sex. If the curvature is more pronounced, the pain and discomfort are accompanied by the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In more complex and neglected cases, the man may be unable to have an erection.

The variety of methods for dealing with the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease is huge. However, using an extending device remains the safest technique.

How to improve your erection?

If you wear the extender regularly and systematically, it will normalize all the sexual functions of your body. If you used to experience the psychological discomfort associated with weak and unstable erections, the situation will surely change for the better once you start practicing the penis traction technique.

Such a result is due to the stimulation of blood flow in the penile area, which improves the quality of erections and prevents premature ejaculation.

Having experienced the positive impact of an extending device, many men point out the enhanced sensitivity of the penis glans, which results in stronger and more intense orgasms.

The technique also doubles the volume of the seminal fluid released during ejaculation.

Combining The Extender With The VigRx Plus Biological Supplement

The effective action of an extender can be complemented and enhanced with the help of many other tools, resulting in improved quality in your sex life and an enlargement of your reproductive organ.

Medical experts recommend using a biologically active remedy in conjunction with the penis extension unit.

VigRx Plus is a nutritional supplement based on all-natural ingredients of herbal origin. The active formula of the supplement has been revised and enhanced several times. The product has been in the market since 2002.

Its effectiveness and safety were tested by experts in clinical and laboratory conditions. This is evidenced by the certificates published on the manufacturer’s official website.

The action of the VigRx Plus supplement is aimed at improving the quality of erections, making them more powerful and stronger.

The man observes a surge in his sexual endurance, which allows him to last much longer during intercourse. The product’s composition includes a combination of natural aphrodisiacs that enhance the man’s sexual desire.

The remedy should be taken regularly, as a course lasting 4-6 months. Using an extending device in combination with the VigRx Plus supplement, you can achieve a more pronounced result faster.

The modern world has a lot to offer when it comes to techniques and remedies for stimulating penile growth. However, medical experts recommend that you should opt only for proven, certified, and safety devices of universal purpose.

They utilize traction force as a means of correcting penile curvature, enlarging the reproductive organ, and eliminating ED symptoms, thereby improving the quality of a man’s sex life.

If you’re using your extending system properly, you won’t face any adverse side effects. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and refrain from applying the penis traction technique if you have any contraindications.

Among the wide variety of extender models, select certified devices that meet all quality and safety standards. Trust only the popular manufacturers that have been present in the market for years, if not decades.

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