Amazing Secrets About Female Orgasm

Our female species is one of the most mysterious creatures on earth, especially to men. There are so many things about women that men don’t understand. Such a notion has been commonly discussed by men since the old age.

When it comes to sexuality, female orgasm is one of the most mysterious things in the world. There are still plenty of men out there who do not know how to give their woman an orgasm. Even some women themselves do not know how to do such a thing. That is why we want to provide you with some interesting secrets regarding female orgasm.

It’s All About the Сlit

Plenty of men cannot understand how women reach orgasm because their private part is such an internal device. Some men have heard multiple times about the term G-spot. However, it is not something that can be easily found by either men or women. Despite so, plenty of women will tell you that it is all about the clit.

Did You Know?
The clit or the clitoris is that little spot in their vagina that has the most pleasure neuron in it. If it is always stimulated, it will give the woman an orgasm.

If you are looking for a great way to please your woman, focus on boosting the clit which is located just at the top of the vagina.

Also, hitting the spot in intercourse is not just about the size of the penis. It is more likely about the movement of the penis. Thus, even if you have a small penis, you can make the woman reach orgasm by hitting the spot.

Multiple Orgasm

We all know that men can only have one orgasm during one session of intercourse. After having the orgasm, men will undergo a retraction period in which their penis will go flaccid and incapable of performing a sexual act. Not only that, the penis will be very sensitive after reaching an orgasm that it can hurt if it is forced to function. That is why men always need some time to rest after achieving orgasm.

It is quite different when it comes to women.  Do you know that women can experience multiple orgasms in one session of intercourse?  Unlike men, women do not have a retraction period after their orgasm. Thus, they can perform a sexual act as long as they want it without feeling tired or overstimulated despite just having an orgasm.

Women Ejaculate Too!

Most men do not understand that women can do what men can do too when they have some orgasm. Ejaculation is not just something that can be experienced by men. Some women can also experience ejaculation when they have an orgasm. Of course, they will not ejaculate the same substance as men, which would be semen and sperm. Women will produce something a lot thinner in consistency and clearer in color. The substance will resemble water in a way that it is colorless and odorless. This thing is usually known in the medical world as squirting.

Vigorelle is a natural female sexual enhancement cream, that gently works by stimulating your clitoris. The effect is almost instant. You can enjoy the relaxation and sensation you get. You can ejaculate and experience climax several times during one intercourse.

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