Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Premature ejaculation also is known as rapid ejaculation. What do we do about the problem? There are various tactics.

Quick note
One treatment is to use a means of decreasing penile sensitivity, so there’s less stimulation, such as an extra thick condom, such as topical anesthetics.

Here’s a classic one Emla cream, which is lidocaine and prilocaine. It can be placed on a penis to numb it up, so it is less sensitivity.  Also increasing the frequency of ejaculation. That’ll tend to happen under the circumstances of infrequent sexual activity.

Another treatment is enhanced awareness. Primarily for one to become a more familiar with the feelings and sensations surrounding the time leading up to ejaculation. And by achieving such familiarity one can learn to predict accurately when ejaculation will occur and how to gain control before the point of no return happens.

Mainly before the point of no return different techniques can be used to facilitate delaying ejaculation. One is the standard Masters and Johnson squeeze technique and the others the change of pace technique.

The Masters and Johnson’s method is essential as ejaculation approaches to withdraw, squeeze the head of the penis until the response passes and then resume sexual intercourse. For this, you need a very cooperative partner.

The change of pace is a recognition of the imminent ejaculation, slow the tempo before the point of no return, vary the angle and depth of penetration until a feeling dissipates. And if this is not sufficient one may have to stop thrusting, press pubis to pubis and resume thrusting only after the urgency subsites.

Did you know?
Gaining better control over one’s pelvic floor muscles through the use of pelvic floor muscle exercises may help facilitate better control of premature ejaculation.

Now there are a variety of medications that can help a lot. A lot of the urological literature states that Cialis family, Levitra family, and Viagra family can be helpful. I have not found them to be particularly beneficial regarding premature ejaculation. They are certainly great regarding penile rigidity and durability of good quality erection and the ability to achieve a second erection after ejaculation. But I have not found them, in particular, to be helpful for premature ejaculation.

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