Does Penis Size Matter?

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Is it true that girls like guys with big dicks, yes or no? And I think that it’s more complicated than “yes or no.” That’s the TL;DR version of the answer.

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So when thinking about how to approach this topic, I feel like everyone has a different opinion, but rather than say “the answer is everyone has a different opinion,” let’s tackle this from the more analytical stance. So from a science perspective, I just watched a fascinating video from D News, and certain scientific studies say that it does matter, the size of the male genitalia does matter. And what they use to point to that is that males about body size have larger penis sizes than other primates. And they think that’s because of selection over the years. There was a study that they were reporting on that said that.

But the important distinctions to know in this scientific study were that this was flaccid size, not erect size. I think when most people think of this question they believe of erect size.

Brief statistics:
And it was saying “the average flaccid size can range from 1-4 Inches, the average erect size can range from 5-7 inches”.

There’s less variation in the erect size. But the idea of this study was that females would look at males that are not clothed because this is back in the day, when people didn’t need to wear clothes, and they would choose their partners based on flaccid size. And then because of evolution, and because those were the people who were reproducing more over time, male genitalia got bigger in comparison to other primates.

That was the idea of this study. And I think that there are a couple of things that I would raise questions there. I think that’s making a lot of assumptions to say, that males were being selected, they were the selected and not the ones doing the selecting. I think it was probably a bit of both.

Clinical Facts
They also brought up in this study that the average female size for inside the vagina is 4 inches. So to keep that in mind as well when you’re thinking about average sizes and things going in certain places.

And then, so that’s kind of how science has looked at this question that many people have asked over the years and I feel like we’re all going to bring different experiences into this, based on our life experience. And for me from a personal experience, I remember joking around with my friend, she and I had a really hilarious conversation in college, where we were like “I don’t want a big dude, I want a dude that’s hung like a Q-Tip” is what we would always say to each other. And it was because we were not very sexually experienced in college, and we were afraid that someone who was too large for us would be painful. We were like “I’d much rather someone that’s on the smaller side than on the larger side” for that reason.

And then just to throw in another bit of personal experience I have dated people who were much on the larger side, I would say, and when we’re talking about large, I’m talking about both length and girth, even though these both play into how people are compatible with people differently. But these people were kind of both on the larger side, both length and girth wise. I remember using the phrase with friends “hung as a Coke can.”

So to give you the difference between Q-Tip and Coke can. There’s your visual; you’re welcome. And both of those partners who were much larger, I had a hard time with. Whenever we were intimate it was more uncomfortable for me especially in certain positions. And it was harder for me to reach a climax in those situations. So while I don’t want to say that too small isn’t a problem. But too big is that’s been my personal experience.

And then I think you read a lot of surveys and stuff like that where more women say that they prefer someone who’s larger, and I think ultimately what it comes down to, is different people’s downstairs are shaped differently, and they want different things. For me, I would much rather prefer someone who is like a great average or just barely above average size is fine, but really what it comes down to is, like I said compatibility and how you feel about the person.

Did You Know?
The emotional connection you have with your partner is more important than anything else as far as being satisfied with the sexual experience, as far as being comfortable with the sexual experience.

That matters so much more than anything, and from a lady perspective at least I can tell you when I’m emotionally connected to someone, that the stuff in another region happens to sort itself out a little bit better. So I guess that’s the best way that I can say it.

And I think that it’s also important for any guys who are reading this article to know, that the size and appearance of your downstairs region are something that women are also very self-conscious about. But you are not alone in that struggle and if it is something that you are self-conscious about, what I would say to you is, there’s a lot of different things that can happen, when you’re intimate with someone, that is fun and should be explored, and maybe it’s just not all about that one aspect, that perhaps you’re worried about.

I’m a big fan of reading up on sex education and on reading up about any kind of instructional stuff or things that you’re interested in, and I think that when people say “it’s not the size, it’s the motion of the ocean”, they’re referring to that. They’re referring to your prowess overall as intimacy. And I think that that’s all stuff that could be considered about, that it doesn’t come down to this one thing.

So does size matter? I would say only in extreme cases. If you’re extreme one side or the other, you might have a harder time finding someone who’s compatible with you, but otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s all about the emotional connection. So be you, go out there, love, spread love into the world, but not so much love that we’re giving each other diseases. You know what I mean, I’m just going to end this right here because now I’m going to ramble.

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