5 Popular Clitoral Creams For Libido

Nowadays, there are a bunch of female enhancement creams that are sold in the market. Different products offer different excellent result. The clitoral creams for women libido are the popular products that have many different brands. To help you choose your best clitoral cream, you can read the clitoral creams for female libido review below.


Valentra is the water-based cream that is made from organic ingredients.

It contains great active natural aphrodisiacs such as:

  • Wild Yam
  • Damiana leaf
  • Ginseng

These substances are beneficial for clitoris arousal, erection, and sensitivity. These natural ingredients are the proof that Valentra is safe for your body. Valentra will also give you a relaxing sensation.

Sliquid Organic

This is one of the popular clitoral lube that is made of water. This clitoral cream contains the best quality of organic botanicals. These ingredients are proven to condition your skin, and they are free of harmful substances like sulfates, paraben, etc.

Quick Note
This brand is hypoallergenic, which means that there are no skin sensitivity issues in this product.

One of the advantages of this product is its ingredients, and its fragrance is so natural.

The benefit of water-based lubes is they are smooth and slippery. They are also water soluble. And they can be washed from your body easily. However, this product will be easier to dry rather than oil-based lubes.

HerSolution Gel

This product is said to be an effective natural libido improver.HerSolution is a water-based lube that is made of natural substances. You can put on this product directly to the clitoris and labia. Then this gel will give you the great orgasm-enhancing sensations.

HerSolution is also proven to solve the vaginal dryness problem for some women. However, it costs higher than the average product, so you need also to suit this product with your budget.


This product has also gained popularity lately. Vigrelle is also made from natural ingredients that are safe for your body. It is made of plant extracts and some substances like L-Arginine.

You can apply this cream to your clitoris, and you can feel its result immediately. Just like the other water-based lube products, Vigorelle is also so smooth and water-soluble.


This is the example of the cheap clitoral lube that you can easily afford. Even though its low price, Yes is proven to be effective to enhance your libido. It’s also made from organic materials such as organic Aloe, Flax, and other plant gums. If you want to try your first clitoris lube or cream, yes can be the perfect choice for you.

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